Coaching and healing for high achieving women who want to re-connect with their purpose

Have you achieved huge career success that has cost you your personal life?

It’s now time to follow your heart’s desires without the guilt and overwhelm

Do you…

  • Feel that time is running out, all you do is work??
  • Feel a sense of loneliness even though it looks like you have it all?
  • Feel guilty about wanting more?
  • Look like you have it all, yet inside you’re cracking with low self worth and treating you and your life badly?
  • Know your personal life is a mess but feel overwhelmed with making changes?
  • Suffer from stress and anxiety in secret?
  • Feel so tired that you don’t nourish yourself anymore?
  • Want beautiful things around you yet deny yourself them and don’t understand why?
  • Take your work home with you…is it always there in the background dragging you down?

You might wonder how I can help you make the changes you want.  Well, I was in the place you are right now.  Some of what I experienced and overcame are…

  • Crying secretly as I felt I had no purpose and no direction
  • Suffering from anxiety, which I hid very, very well
  • Screaming inside with emotional pain that just wouldn’t shift
  • Tossing and turning instead of getting a good night’s sleep
  • Using almost anything to numb myself out from my life
  • Denied myself luxuries as it was wanting too much

Are you ready to ditch the guilt of wanting more and make it your reality?

Do you want to feel alive again, really alive and really living?

Are you ready to live more on purpose, do more of the things that rock and experience the things you’ve been putting off for far too long?

If you are ready to take charge of your personal life and commit to making changes to have you enjoying YOUR life once again then you are in the right place.

If you are ready to bring together the missing pieces of your soul’s desires and live a life that brings you fun, laughter and joy and you are saying a big YES then I invite you to connect with me here for a complimentary, soul to soul consult to see if we are a fit to work together.  I look forward to hearing from you!