Should you have your own blog?

A question to ask yourself if you are building a network marketing business is whether you should have your own blog. In my opinion the answer should be YES! Having your own blog gives you control over your content and if done correctly, your traffic. In your network marketing business  you will want people to see your content regularly, to share it and to be coming back for more. Blogging is a platform that can never be taken away from you unexpectedly unlike other marketing platforms. Think about Facebook for example. One wrong move in your content on there and […]

3 simple secrets to making your online business profitable

If you follow these simple tips then your online business will be profitable. Every successful marketer knows the importance of what I’m about to share and they stick to it. They have a marketing strategy that is consistent, that is based on building relationships and is part of a long term vision. Here are the 3 simple secrets to making your online business profitable. Build your audience Think about this, if you have no audience then you have no one to market to which equals no business, a hobby essentially. Your audience can be built up using social media, blogging […]

ranking on youtube

Ranking on youtube as a marketing strategy

Ranking on youtube was something I knew nothing about when I first thought about doing videos . I had no idea about SEO on youtube until I found  Mark Harbert and studied his Ultimate Lead Gen Formula and I was amazed how easy it is. It does take a bit of extra time but it’s well worth it. Tips to get you ranking on youtube Always be solving a problem for your viewers in your videos. Your viewers are looking for help with something and you should focus on this first. How can you help them? What have you discovered […]

Are you marketing with video yet?

Marketing with video is one of the best ways to attract people to your business online. More and more people are using youtube as a ‘How to’ guide when they need to find something or have a problem. It is now the second most visited search engine today. It would literally be like leaving money on the table if you’re not using it. Here are some of the benefits marketing with video You can build instant rapport with people. All of us are to some degree either visual, kinaesthetic or auditory so if you are marketing with video you are […]

7 tips for network marketing success

7 insider tips for your network marketing success

Your network marketing success will require some new skills, new ways of being and an understanding of how the business can change your life for the better. The growth you will experience will be far more than you experience working for someone else. It takes a certain type of person to make it, it’s not an easy journey but it is a journey that is life changing and I’m assuming that if you’re reading this then you are ready for change. Network marketing success tips Listen to your desires If you have dreams and desires for your life then DON’T […]

successful entrepreneur online

5 tips to help you become a successful entrepreneur online

  Becoming a successful entrepreneur online begins in your head. You will need to take inventory of what goes on in your mind regularly, in fact daily. Think of the importance of your thoughts as important as getting that gunk from your teeth…three times a day? Even better. Speak to any successful entrepreneur and he or she will tell you their most important asset is their mind flow. The flow of thoughts that come and go need to be supportive, oozing deliciously with optimism and self belief. This takes practice but with practice you will have a habit that supports […]

starting a small business online

Starting a small business online requires emotional resilience

  Starting a small business online is a journey. It is a learning curve, it takes dedication and in the mix of your everyday life you will need some level of emotional resilience. Whether you have a family, kids, a job, whatever is going on outside of your business, stuff comes up right? The kids catch that crappy bug and need to be home from school. Your spouse is having a meltdown over the stuff that he or she is doing too much of or your fluffy pooch with the delicate stomach has puked everywhere again. Yeah, you get me. […]

I Want To Start An Online Business But…

I want to start an online business but… Have you noticed how many people who, when they hear of online marketers will say, “Ooh, I want to start an online business!” yet they don’t do much about it when they realise what is involved?  Yes, me too! What I see is people having a glamorous ideal that creating an online business is a life of working a couple of hours a day and  lazing around on the beach but behind the scenes are hours and hours of hard work and sacrifice. I’ve spoken to many different prospects over the last […]

Creating Winning Mind Shifts for Home Business Success

Creating winning mind shifts for home business success is a journey. With every new skill you will need or learn there is a growth phase. Some things will have you needing to pull up those big girl or boy panties and get moving. Some you will find suit your expertise perfectly and some…Well, will have your ego jumping in and telling you exactly why you can’t and shouldn’t do them, the ‘Who do you think you are kind of shit?” It’s all par for the course. It’s all part of the learning and it’s all part of the growing. Small […]

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