Purpose Profit Freedom

The home business haven is a place for conscious female home business owners to find information, support, strategies and coaching that will get you the success you desire.

More and more women want 3 things in their lives..Purpose, Profit and Freedom and they are using home businesses to fund them which is exciting as we are seeing more female entrepreneurs in the marketplace and more women are living exactly as they choose to.

Meet Eleanor, aka The Success, Spirit and soul Coach. Eleanor has been using her coaching and healing skills since 1998 to help people shift their shit and start living the life they want. For the last 7 years she has been coaching solely (and being coached) on how to move towards purpose and freedom and has noticed more of her clients were home business owners who had a big purpose. Just like herself.

She now works with home business owners, network marketers and those in the healing arts to attract their clients, prospects, leads, whatever they are called to them, by utilising the internet, playing the ‘I Can’ mind game and upping their marketing online.

Eleanor believes that

A life with Purpose

A business with Profit

Equals a huge dose of Freedom