I Want To Start An Online Business But…

I want to start an online business but… Have you noticed how many people who, when they hear of online marketers will say, “Ooh, I want to start an online business!” yet they don’t do much about it when they realise what is involved?  Yes, me too! What I see is people having a glamorous ideal that creating an online business is a life of working a couple of hours a day and  lazing around on the beach but behind the scenes are hours and hours of hard work and sacrifice. I’ve spoken to many different prospects over the last […]

Creating Winning Mind Shifts for Home Business Success

Creating winning mind shifts for home business success is a journey. With every new skill you will need or learn there is a growth phase. Some things will have you needing to pull up those big girl or boy panties and get moving. Some you will find suit your expertise perfectly and some…Well, will have your ego jumping in and telling you exactly why you can’t and shouldn’t do them, the ‘Who do you think you are kind of shit?” It’s all par for the course. It’s all part of the learning and it’s all part of the growing. Small […]

Successful Blogging

Successful Blogging In Your Online Business

Successful Blogging Is Simpler Than You Think Successful blogging is known to be one of the best ways to get your business in front of the people who are looking for you. It is a hub and a haven for that people will return to again and again if you have quality content that solves the problems people need solutions to. It will always be your own content, you have control over it and you can add to it as often as you want to. In the online world successful blogging is still seen as one of the best way […]

The Secret Lead Generation Trick You Need to Know

If you’ve been trying to get eyeballs on your business (in other words, lead generation), and have found it to be an uphill struggle then that’s because you haven’t yet come across the secret tool many online marketers are using. Lead generation is the blood running through the veins of your business…without leads, (or eyeballs) then you have no business right? And, guess what happens…it becomes a hobby. Been there done that and got very, very tired of it and spent a ton of cash making no cash. Old School Lead Generation Is Dead Have you found yourself day after […]

How To See Increased Productivity In Your Business

In your business you need one fundamental and that is doing, doing doing. It is the only way to get eyeballs on what you offer yet so many people get stuck and do nothing. To see increased productivity in your business I have 3 tips for you that you can implement right away. 3 Tips To Increased Productivity In Your Business Watch what others are doing In the online business world. There are a huge number of successful people and it’s a good idea to watch what they do consistently. There are a few ways you can do this. You can […]

Network Marketing Products Vs You

I’ve seen so many people in network marketing punt their products all over the place exclaiming ‘They are the best there is!’ ‘There’s nothing else like it out there. The creator is a Nobel Prize winner blah blah!’ And I’m sure they are excellent, as most of the industry’s products are but do people join your products? No, they join YOU! People are looking to join a network marketing company that will bring them the income and the lifestyle they desire but they also will have a relationship with you. They will need to communicate with you in the future, […]

Is emotional pain holding you back?

Emotional pain. I think it is one of the biggest killer of dreams for women today. It remains unseen but its power can be devastating . I have had personal experience of this. For many years I would go to extreme lengths to numb myself from the pain of my emotions. In the beginning, sleep was a great relief but then even dreamland became a place of pain, if I even managed to keep my eyes shut for more than a couple of hours. I then chose to resort to more extreme measures, I chose substances that slowed me down, […]

Easy Social Media Marketing

Easy social media marketing strategies for a small business like yours.  The best practice in social media is to keep it simple, especially if you are going solo or have a small team. It’s very easy to over complicate the whole thing then it becomes a headache full of distactions with zilch being done and no return on your time and energy. What you don’t want to be doing is jumping from tiwtter to facebook to instagram to linked in then back to twitter. You get the picture right? Five different windows open scanning what everyone else is posting and […]

Attraction Marketing Online

Attraction Marketing Online Being in business for yourself is exciting but it gets even better when you turn to attraction marketing online. Your marketing will begin to feel magnetic and that is the key…Magnetism. In any business if there are no eyes on it then there are no sales. No cash equals no business right? If you are just exploring marketing strategies then this will set you above others in your niche…If you do it well! Here are a few tips to get you started People Do Business With People Have you ever spoke to a business owner who just […]