For women who have left their past behind and are ready to enjoy a wonderful future

I have, like you been in previous unhealthy relationships.  I have had to learn on a very deep level just how to break out of the recurring patterns I had running in my life.

I have done this through deep investigation of my own emotions, beliefs and (at one time), low self esteem.  I have spent the last 17 years uncovering exactly what parts of me were running my life. 
I have, on three separate occasions found myself participating in unhealthy and painful relationships that opened my eyes to what I needed to learn and make changes in my life to live a life that offered freedom, self love, opportunities and experiences I had always dreamed of.

I am a hands on, intuitive coach who walks women through the journey to a more fulfilling future.  I guide and support women in getting past their past, releasing toxic emotions and relationships before realising the dreams toxic relationships put the blocks on.

Leaving your past behind means fully acknowledging where you have been and how you participated in it. It means no more feeling like a victim but a victor for saying ‘NO’ to people or situations that have created fear, doubt, denial of dreams and a future.

If you feel you are ready to take your life off the back burner, consciously invite people and experiences into your life and have strategies for making things happen then I can help you. I did it for myself and now show women how they can do it too.