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Your akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record ReadingIn life and business it all seem like one never ending struggle. If you’re on this page looking for an Akashic Record Reading then I know you have most probably found yourself in the same situations over and over without having any real insight as to why.

I can tell you that you’re not alone! The secret sauce is in understanding what is running in your unconscious mind and releasing what is not serving you right now.

Just for a moment, imagine your whole being as a vast computer. Unfortunately you have so many apps running in the background that your computer is slow, never quite loading…That is what can be happening to you, it’s a case of doing some clean up THEN you’re in action! This is why I find the akashic records so useful because the information is there.


The Akashic Records are an ethereal library of every soul and its journey. Every emotion, thing, situation, experience and person is stored within the records with powerful information that can change the way you live your life. Your blocks can be identified and cleared, paving the way for you to begin taking the necessary action towards creating whatever you desire.

When I’m in the Akashic Records it’s a bit like surfing the universal internet. I can tap into different areas and ‘google’ any questions that will help my clients. My intention is always to gather enough data that will create change for you, that will be USEFUL to you and that will get you out of your past and into the business of creating your future.

So, as to be prepared I will spend at least one hour gathering information from your Akashic record before our call. Then we will have 1 hour together by telephone or skype identifying issues that are stopping you moving forward. There will be an element of coaching in your session so you can use the information to make changes in your life. The information you are given will be USEFUL to you!

When you get an Akashic Record Reading you will benefit from my expertise in…

  • Helping you identify how best to market yourself and your business to find the people who are looking for you
  • Uncovering if you are creating your amazing stuff using your natural gifts that I find in the akashic records
  • Using the akashic records to find the two best marketing platforms for your business
  • Having been where you are and tweaking my marketing and doing business my way. The information I used came from the akashic records
  • Releasing the negative emotions that are holding you back and guiding you through releasing them quickly and pain free
  • Identifying old programmes and patterns you are still running unconsciously which are having a negative effect on you right now
  • Supporting you in doing your business your way…On purpose, and checking in on the akashic records how you can do that
  • Helping you see how you can bring your soul gifts into every area of your business
  • Using Attraction Marketing to get more eyes on your business which means more clients, partners and money
  • Helping you stay out of negative mind crap about business, even if you’re just starting out

Of course, while I’m in the akashic records much more will show up and I will share as much as I can. You will always be able to listen to the recording over and over for clarity. Your questions are more than welcome during our time together so you get the most out of your akashic record reading with me.

Book this session for £170.00 ($267.00)

The Akashic Records is a perfect tool for you if you have been struggling in your life or business and need clarity on what to do to be who you need to be AND stay there.

I will do the necessary clearing work to release any blocks that I find in your record after our appointed time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book my akashic record reading?

When you book I will email you with a form to fill in. This lets me know exactly which issues you want to look at and change. I will need your date of birth, full name and where you were born. Why do you need my date of birth?

I need to be certain I am accessing your record. I will not use your information for anything other than accessing your Akashic record.

Will my akashic record reading be recorded?

Yes, I record it at my end however, technology can go wrong so I suggest you install a free Skype recorder and record at your end also.

Is there a wait time after booking my reading?.

I will direct you to my online calendar for booking which will show you when I am available to give you your akashic record reading. The wait is between 1 and 2 weeks.

How long does an akashic record reading last?

It lasts around 1 hour. This is enough time to give you the information from your Akashic Record and includes an element of coaching to support you afterwards.

Can I book an akashic record reading  for someone else?

It is a wonderful gift for someone special however, they do need to give their permission to me for accessing their akashic record before we go forward with the akashic record reading.

How do I pay for my akashic record reading?

You pay via paypal. You can use your credit/debit card whether you have a paypal account or not.

What if I need to cancel my akashic record reading?

I need at least 24 hours notice due to my schedule. If you email me to let me know then we can reschedule your appointment.

Can you predict my future from The akashic records?

I work with the Akashic Record Guides and your own guides. Guides offer guidance which will support and encourage you in this lifetime. High level guides do not predict the future.

If I ask a question such as ‘Will X make shed loads of money this year?’ Your guides will be silent or respond with something like ‘If that is her wish then she could if she changes xxx and releases xxx. Your guides do not predict your future, there are too many variables to do that.

You are the architect of your future and many things may be blocking you creating success or whatever you are yearning for. Your guides will empower you into making changes in your life to create what you want.

To creating success your way,


If you feel you want to go even deeper than an akashic record reading then hop over to my coaching page and we can talk. I love helping people create and do business their way successfully.

Akashic Record Reading £170.00 ($267.00)