3 simple secrets to making your online business profitable

If you follow these simple tips then your online business will be profitable. Every successful marketer knows the importance of what I’m about to share and they stick to it. They have a marketing strategy that is consistent, that is based on building relationships and is part of a long term vision.

Here are the 3 simple secrets to making your online business profitable.

Build your audience

Think about this, if you have no audience then you have no one to market to which equals no business, a hobby essentially. Your audience can be built up using social media, blogging or email marketing. Others include video marketing, webinars, podcasts and facebook groups. You must decide which platform suits your online business and style then work consistently putting out value content at least 4 times per week. It can be a blog post, a video post, a Facebook post, Instagram post or even a tweet. From my experience your online business will grow quicker if you choose one or two strategies and work them until you see results. Have a strategy in place for the next 6 months and be consistent with it.

Every marketer should have an email list and always be adding to that list, around 10 – 20 every day. In your marketing, always lead people to your list by offering them something of value in exchange for their email address. You can do this from the content you put out whether it’s a facebook post, instagram post or whatever you decide to go with. Not all social media content you put out will have a link to an opt in. Only when it’s appropriate and it makes sense lead people back to your opt in offer, Don’t make every social media post a pitch fest. If people are interested and you have built relationships in your online business they will go to your bio and check out where to go for more.

Engage your audience

If you want your online business to succeed then you will need to engage with the audience you build. Again, this can be done via your social media, your email list, videos and even webinars. People love information however that information needs to offer some sort of transformation for your audience. There is so much information available right now so always make it relevant to your audience and their needs.

Engage by asking questions, ask them what they need, offer quality content and email them regularly. This is commonly known as following up with your audience. There’s no point in generating leads then doing nothing with them..a waste of time and energy! It’s a good strategy to have a free front end offer such as a quality ebook then you can offer higher priced products later as you build your online business.


This is when your online business becomes a business. You can begin to monetise when you have been increasing the number eyeballs on your business. You will want a variety of different offers for people that range in price points. You can sell your own products, coaching packages or have affiliate offers that will bring you residual income. Blogging is a great place to do this in your online business, you own the content and you can direct people back to your content from anywhere online.

If you follow these simple steps then you will be on your way to a solid foundation for future profits.

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