My Story

Hey, great to see you here!

I’m Eleanor and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been on and offline in business for the past 8 years or so. My first introduction was through my love of energy work. I trained in bio-energy healing which put me in front of clients who were looking to change something within them…usually health conditions. I learned very quickly that just having a knack for feeling energy wasn’t enough so I began studying other modalities, coaching in particular.  During this time I learned that it is not only our conscious mind that plays a part in our well-being and success but also our unconscious mind.

By 2013 I had studied and practiced even more and found myself coaching people on choosing and living their soul purpose. That was an amazing time yet what I noticed was that for some people, to DO their purpose they needed cash and sometimes, a fair bit of it and I wasn’t a business coach. Fast forward to 2015 and I was introduced to the home business industry. Now, although I had experience of being online and running a small business I had never truly gone into it full time as I was paid well for my services as a soul purpose coach and I hadn’t put a lot into marketing.

I decided that I would go back and re-learn as much as I could about running a small business online and focus on the home business side as it is a great opportunity for anyone to start with minimal investment and change their lives dramatically. Yet,something was holding me back…ME!

I had focussed on the learning side and helping others that I had not been looking after my own mind so I had to re-wire my brain and get into action. I dragged out everything I learned as a  coach and practitioner and began to work on myself and my mind. This was not an overnight thing, it took me a while, and of course, I had online mentors along the way. (Which I couldn’t have gone without).

I now help small business owners and holistic practitioners get into the right mind space to market themselves online, just as I had to do for myself and I love it.


If you are struggling with marketing yourself then you are not alone. It takes some mind shifts to get into a space of authenticity and action and I can help you with that.

You may be telling yourself some stuff that you believe which is just another lie that is keeping you safe!

Safety and comfort in the world of running a business online won’t get you far but consistent small actions will build your confidence and  get your business running just the way you want it.

It all begins in the mind!