Success Toolkit


From the master of blogging, Ray Higdon’s training on everything you need to know about building your business using a blog. He keeps it simple, to the point and packed with useful tips. This has saved me hours and hours in my business, I used to be stumped on how to come up with content but not any more. If you want to publish a piece if content once and have it work for you over and over then this is for you. You can find it here.



Recruiting and Sponsoring

Are you struggling to recruit people into your business? Do you dread speaking to prospects? If you do then this training is a must.  You’ll get a 3 step process to generate more income, a sure fire way to get over your fear of the phone and a finally you’ll know exactly when to talk about your opportunity! Get it here now.


Copywriting Mastery

This is THE best course I’ve taken on copywriting and it’s simply a must have skill for any online marketer. With this course you will find out exactly how to uncover the unconscious triggers that cause people to buy. People buy, not from their head but from an emotional stand point..two very different things and if you know the difference then you DON’T need to sell.

Grab this course and get the mind hacks all successful copywriters use. You’ll find it here.

Twitter Training

Twitter is one of the platforms overlooked by online business owners in my opinion. It is a great place to generate leads on a daily basis for your business. It’s simple and can be done in less than 45 mins a day AND your tweeting can be automated! Check out this free training here .