7 Tips To Branding Yourself On Social Media

7 tips to branding yourself online

If you’re building your business online then you should be branding yourself on social media. It is THE place to find your audience. Facebook alone has over 1.5 billion users today and that’s a LOT of people you can put yourself in front of. If this is done right you can have a targeted audience built up in a very short space of time but so many people get confused about branding themselves yet it’s actually very simple when you know how.

Here are 7 Tips To Branding Yourself On Social Media And Building A Targeted Following

Brand You

You are your brand so use your name over all the social media platforms you’re on. If this isn’t possible then use underscores or dashes. You want people to recognise who you are but if you have different titles all over the place then you will get lost in the noise online and it’ll be much harder to build up your audience.

Who is your audience and how can you help them?

Think about who your audience is, what are they struggling with right now? What age groupis your audience in? Are they male or female and how can you help them are all things you need to be crystal clear about before branding yourself on social media. If you take the time to know who your audience is within your specific niche then your online presence will be easier to brand. You can’t target everyone so get this clear in your mind.

Be consistent

Be on at least one social media platform consistently. Post regular content that solves a problem for your audience. You can do this via your personal profile on Facebook (although for some this can turn out to be a disaster as Facebook seem to pick up on a minority and close accounts), a business page, a community you create or any of the other social media platforms. The great thing about Facebook is the ability to run pay per click ads from your business page. After a short learning curve you can begin to build up your following with a simple ‘Likes’ campaign to get the right people in front of your content.

Remember the key here is consistency. Decide if you’ll be posting daily, if so, how often? If you decide to post 4 times a week then stick to it. I’ve experienced myself the results of not being consistent on social media, it left me with no audience and no one to market to so make the decision that branding yourself on social media will only work if you’re consistent.

Plan your content ahead of time

Plan your content ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than sitting at the computer and having a complete mental block, this is wasted time on your part. You need to make time work for you so come up with a weekly or monthly schedule of content ideas. I use this tool for some of my social media content and it’s a huge time saver. You can find content ideas everywhere online. Look at other blogs, check out what people are saying in groups and forums. If you speak to people regularly who are looking for help in your niche then take notes of their struggles and use it for future content. Another great way of coming up with content is using podcasts or trainings you listen to. Take notes from it then re-purpose into content that is valuable to your audience. By sharing relevant and valuable content you’re branding yourself on social media and your audience will begin to look out for what you publish online.


Get blogging. I know there are different schools of thought on this in the marketing world and it isn’t social media but by sharing your blog posts on social media you absolutely look like an authority. If you take the time to create at least 3 blog posts a week then your audience will notice that you take the time to write or shoot videos for them and that positions you as a leader. Your blog is one of the things you own online and it’s worth doing because whatever you publish will be online and visible for as long as you want it to be. If you have strong calls to action in your posts then you can also create residual income from your content. If you want to learn more about blogging and find daily content you can share with your audience then this is THE guy to learn from. He has helped thousands of home biz owners and internet marketers to create an brand online using blogging. I’ve gone through the course personally and I highly recommend you check it out if you want to build your business online.

Here are 2 more tips in this video for branding yourself on social media


If you want to create your personal brand on social media then I highly recommend checking out the free videos in this series from a girl who has built her business from zero to 10k plus every month!


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