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Running out of content creation ideas is THE most common issue for online marketers/bloggers. What I’ve found ┬áhaving a strategy fixed in your brain for content ideas is vital. When I first began blogging a few years ago I would sit at my computer just staring at it. I had no idea what I was going to write because I didn’t have a strategy for content creation ideas. In this post I’m giving you a simple yet effective way to never run out of ideas.

Tips on coming up with content creation ideas

Know your niche

Firstly, know your niche. Know who you’re marketing to or writing for. Don’t waste your valuable time creating content that isn’t what people are looking for. Hang out in groups and forums of your audience. Check out relevant social media pages and notice what people talk about and engage with. ┬áTheir frustrations and struggles ARE your content!

Find their struggles, find a solution and create the content…Now you have lots of content creation ideas.

Brainstorming for content creation ideas

This is a huge time saver. Get yourself a notebook specifically for this. Allocate one day, a couple of hours or a specific time in your day for this. Just start jotting down ideas from what you’ve noticed on social media etc. Look for common themes here because from one theme you can flesh out more than one piece of content. I also use the notes app on my phone for when an idea pops into my head.

What will they want after viewing your content?

Imagine your ideal prospect. How will they be feeling when they arrive at your content and what is your intention for when they leave? Map this out for each theme you come up with, you want your content to solve a problem so don’t skip this step. This step in creating your content creation ideas will make the reader/viewer feel understood and trust that you can help them. This is what you want! Remember people will take action based on an emotional response so you want to BE in their shoes for a bit, you really need to understand them.

Referencing others for your content creation ideas

You can reference others in your niche for content ideas. look at what leaders are talking about. Not only leaders in your niche but also thought leaders as many topics are relevant regardless of what niche you are in. Think Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Robert Kyosaki. They talk a lot about mindset and personal development…Perfect for any niche, particularly online marketing.

If you use any one else’s content be mindful to reference it appropriately.

YouTube for content creation ideas

YouTube is a huge resource for content. There are lots of branded leaders from every niche with videos on there.They’ve usually taken the time to have their videos edited professionally. You don’t need to do that, you can shoot a quick video on your phone or laptop and put it out. You can take the ideas from YouTube, put it into your own words and voila, you’re off.

It’s useful to look for something you struggled with in the past and look at how others talk about it. Nowadays, it’s more of a mindset thing than a lack of resources to come up with content for your online marketing.

Pick one or two of the following if you’re just beginning and have a consistent marketing strategy to create success…

  • Video posts
  • YouTube
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook
  • Instagram posts
  • Tweets


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