Dealing With Rejection When You’re Building Your Business Online

dealing with rejection when you're building your business online

Dealing with rejection as you build your business is something you want to have less and less yet many marketers find themselves hearing NO from most of the people they talk to. This can be very energy draining and quite frankly, push many people to quitting very quickly.

Here are a few tips on how dealing with rejection can be a thing of the past

Lack of relationship building. This is vital in any business and online is no different. Any successful business owner will tell you that the key to making more sales is nurturing the relationship with a buyer and that might mean following up more than once. This has become so much easier now with the different social platforms we have, so use them smartly. Meet people, build rapport, be interested in what they want and need THEN if what you have is a fit, offer it. This doesn’t need to happen right off the bat, that’s a turn off so make it your priority to get to know the person and get clear on their needs and struggles.

Ask the right questions

If you’re dealing with rejection a lot of the time then ask yourself if you’re asking your prospects the right questions. You’ll never really find out if what you have is right for a prospect or if it will solve their problems if you don’t know how to get the specific answers from them.  Let’s use the example of someone who is trying to build a home business. You need to be asking, ‘What specifically are you struggling with?’ or ‘Are you struggling to generate leads daily or get more sales?’ Those questions require a specific answer and also give you great posture.

Never just throw your links at people

From speaking to people who tell me they are always dealing with rejection many of them have no idea about marketing online and they right off sent their links to prospects. This is a NO NO! People need to know you care about them, that you have a solution for them, not that they’re just another person you’ve shared your link with. Take the time to understand your prospects’ needs and challenges. This will take the ‘selling’ out of the equation for you as your prospect will buy without you needing to be sold to in a yucky way.

Believe in your offer

This is vital to building a successful business. you must believe in what you are offering. It’s so difficult to be clear on how your product or service can help someone else if you don’t believe in and use it yourself!


Run ads

This is a strategy that once you get over the learning curve you can use to get exactly the right people to what you offer. You choose your target audience, location, age range, gender, interests then place the ad. This strategy will knock dealing with rejection out of your business very quickly. I recommend going through a training on running ads on social media before beginning using ads. I highly recommend this course to get you running ads and getting highly targeted people right to your offer.

I hope this post helped you if you’re dealing with rejection in your business. Feel free to like and share, I appreciate you.

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