Should you have your own blog?

have your own blog
have your own blog

A question to ask yourself if you are building a network marketing business is whether you should have your own blog. In my opinion the answer should be YES!

Having your own blog gives you control over your content and if done correctly, your traffic. In your network marketing business  you will want people to see your content regularly, to share it and to be coming back for more.

Blogging is a platform that can never be taken away from you unexpectedly unlike other marketing platforms. Think about Facebook for example. One wrong move in your content on there and you can lose your page. You can run ads of course but as soon as you stop putting in the cash then your traffic will lessen dramatically and that means no eyeballs on what you offer. With your own blog you are in the driver’s seat and no one can dictate what you do and how you do it.

The other strategies such as social media are great add ons to boost traffic and offers and I use them but I’m aware that I have to abide by their ever changing rules and attitudes, especially to us network marketers and home business owners.

Having your own blog is a great way to have content working for you over and over,meaning it’s evergreen. As long as the content is relevant to your niche then it will work for you for as long as it’s visible.

If you’re just starting out or contemplating how best to run your business don’t ask yourself if you should have your own blog but rather, how do I start my own blog and get to work. Months, even years from now you will find that your blog posts generate business for you which is always good right?

Check out content creation ides for your blog here

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