Can You Really Be An Expert If You’re Only Just Starting An Online Business?

This question is one I struggled with for a long time when I was first starting an online business, too long in fact. I saw lots of other marketers who had branded themselves online and were getting sales and sign ups yet it just wasn’t happening for me and I quit, then quit again and again until I discovered what was really going on for me. If you’re struggling also then you’re probably doing and thinking the same things I was so here are some tips to get you in the right mindset to share your expertise (even though you might think you have none).

Everyone who has built an online business started somewhere just like you

Every marketer, home business owner and internet marketer started exactly where you are. No one wakes up with every piece of knowledge needed downloaded into their brain one day, just doesn’t happen. Well, maybe Einstein! But let’s face it, it takes some study of your niche, of what people are looking for and that information is everywhere nowadays. Just take a look around on social media within your industry and you’ll see exactly what people are talking about. Start somewhere, why not there?

You only need to be one or two steps ahead of other people starting an online business to help them

Do you realise that you only need to be slightly ahead of other people in order to help them? You don’t need to know everything, only a little bit more and that little bit more is enough. You see, so many people get all fired up when they’re starting an online business only to find themselves overwhelmed and floundering from one strategy to the next with no purpose or direction and if you’re going through this then my advice is to stick to one strategy, work it for 60-90 days then show others what you did. By doing this you’re a few steps ahead of others right? This is how successful business owners become leaders. They learn, they execute then they teach it.

Think about where you’ve been and what you struggled with because it’s likely there are other people who are experiencing the same things. Create videos, blog posts, status updates around those struggles and how you overcame them.

Here’s a quick video message for you

You must have the right mindset to create an online business

I believe this is the biggest obstacle to overcome for anyone starting an online business. Your mindset is so important, it should be number one on your list of priorities because if you have a train of thoughts running through your mind all day that tell you you’re not good enough or you don’t know enough then you’ll believe all that stuff and more than likely do nothing.

Make it your priority to either read or listen to someone who specialises in personal development like Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins. You can find tons of stuff over on youtube to plug into. Make it part of your daily routine to fill your mind with positive and uplifting fuel.

Focus on the people who are struggling to build an online business. Make your audience the focus, not you!

To do this you need to invest either your time or your money to learn something new. It might be blogging, building an email list, social media prospecting, whatever it is it WILL be valuable to your audience. Anyone who is starting an online business and who resonates with you will listen. Not everyone will but that’s the beauty of marketing…if you know your audience you have no need to please everyone. Share what you learn, rinse and repeat. Teach as you learn and you’ll see just how the leaders in your industry became leaders.

A great example of this is go through your notebooks from where you’ve taken notes from webinars etc. There you go, you have something to share. You must move past that block around needing to be an expert before you position yourself as an online business owner who can help others.

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