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Social media marketing is a highly effective strategy for building your business online if it’s done with an end purpose in mind. so often I hear people tell me they spend hours and hours on social media and little or no results for their efforts. Your social media marketing can be simplified with the help of scheduling and posting tools.

I don’t recommend scheduling everything but certainly a good portion of it. There’s no point spending most of your day on this when you could be working on income producing activities. Remember social media is social so you do need to be engaging in other peoples’ content.

Social media Marketing Tools I recommend


This is not only a scheduler but it gives you the most engaging and popular posts from Facebook you can share. You have a planner, a calendar and a ton of content to choose from. I use this to choose what I will post and when for the week ahead. It’s intuitive to use, has different levels of membership and is an app from Facebook so there’s no other websites to visit. Quickly becoming one of my favourites!


You can find Post Planner here 


Status Brew

I use status brew for my social media marketing on Twitter. as using the interface on Twitter itself can be laborious when following, unfollowing and interacting I needed something I could use quickly and I found it in status brew. \It’s easy to use, the interface is great and you can add other accounts. You can add your Instagram account if you want ease of use for that. At a glance you can see who isn’t following you back, inactive users, fake profiles and who has given you a mention. If you get into Twitter for lead generation then I highly suggest you get this. It’s a few bucks a month, around $9 to save a huge amount of time and build up your account. I love it, it helps me generate leads and keep my follow-unfollow ratio good for Twitter.


You can find statusbrew here



No social media marketer who’s active on Twitter should be without TweetJukeBox. this is jam packed full of features. You will see everything is split into jukeboxes. Each jukebox is specific to types of tweets. You can have blog posts if you have a blog, you can have quotes, (you’re given a ton of free quotes within a jukebox to get you started), you can have a jukebox full of tweets which lead to your capture page and so much more.

This is a huge time saver for Twitter lovers, its bulk upload from a csv file is another huge selling point and tweets can be looped on a repeating cycle. Try it, I think you’ll love it!




At the moment these are the only social media marketing tools I need. I’ve tried a few over the years but I’ve stuck with these as they are reliable and easy to use. Of course no scheduler can be 100% reliable but I haven’t had any with them  issues at all.


If you found this post useful feel free to share, I appreciate you!



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